How to fix spray tan which is washed off due to shower?

Spray tanning is one of the most popular beauty treatments around the globe. While some people choose spray tan for quick and long-lasting tanning results, some find it seamless and affordable. However, the results of spray tan depend upon various factors. While consulting your beautician for a vertical tanning bed session, a spray tanning specialist might have advised you to avoid washing off your spray tan.

While it might be tempting to rush under the shower soon after your spray tan appointment, you must avoid it.

Spray tan solutions are made of DHA components. The DHA reacts with our skin’s outer layer and stimulates the skin cells to produce dark pigments called melanin. This chemical reaction usually happens within two hours of getting a spray tan. If you wash off the guiding color too soon, you might end up with a blotchy or uneven-looking tan. If you are aiming for a darker and deep tan, at least wait for four hours before taking a shower.

If you are getting a spray tan for the first time, it’s best to keep yourself aware of ways to tackle a bad tan. In this blog, we have discussed some tricks to fix spray tan mistakes resulting from washing it off too early.

  1. Contact your spray tan specialist. 

For anyone, uneven and blotchy tan can be embarrassing. But instead of freaking out over the mistake, it’s best to turn to your spray tan specialist. Tell them how long you waited before taking a shower and how the tan color has actually developed. The beautician may suggest you wait at least a day to see if the tan color develops over time.

  • Go For A Touch-Up

The best way to tackle any bad tan situation is to visit versaspa tanning near me for a touch-up. Spray tanning specialists are experts at handling tan mishaps and offer practical solutions. Your spray tan specialist might recommend spraying tan solution over your existing tan to enhance the shade. 

  • Keep self-tanning products handy.

If you can’t visit your tanning salon for a quick touch-up, keep self-tanning products by your side. Self-tanning products are readily available and widely used to darken the skin. Some self-tanners contain bronzers that offer instant tan results. Since self-tanners work the same way as spray tan, allow some time to set it on your skin before washing it off.

  • Renew Your Tan

If your spray tan has not developed properly and evenly, your spray tan specialist may suggest getting a fresh layer of spray tan. For that, you will first have to remove your old tan. Applying tan over existing tan can make the streaky and blotchy tan lines more noticeable. To remove the old tan from your skin, take multiple hot showers and exfoliate your skin. Baby oil is also useful in removing spray tan from the skin.

Fixing a spray tan mishap can be a daunting process. To ensure your spray tan develops and sets appropriately, avoid taking hot showers quickly after your tanning appointment. Wait at least for a few hours before taking a shower. Besides avoiding longer showers, you should also take a break from doing any physical activities that may make you sweat.…